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Bachelor of Business Administration (ENGLISH PROGRAM)

  • The BBA program (with optional concentrations) sets you on the path to becoming a successful leader and manager of any business in any industry. The education mode for this special program is specifically designed for students to experience management profiles in diversed cultural contexts.

    In this program you will develop a strong foundation of knowledge across a range of operational disciplines such as marketing and finance, while also exploring aspects of people management and teamwork which are integral to your future leadership role.

    The practical approach of the program will equip you with the skills employers are looking for, and also the capabilities of entrepreneurial leadership. This includes high-level problem solving skills, effective communication skills, and the ability to analyse challenging situations and think outside the box. Businesses of all sizes now compete in an increasingly complex environment. After finishing this program you will have developed the decision making skills to navigate through this complexity, and the ethical judgement_to ensure that you do so in a socially and environmentally-aware manner.


Academic Partner

The University of Business and International Studies (UBIS) is a Swiss university which is centered in Geneva, Switzerland, arguably one of the most influential business capitals of the world. UBIS offers Bachelor and Master programs in Business Administration and International Relations as well as Industry Specific Programs customized to the ever- changing marketplace.

Wes’Sup and UBIS are in collaboration for transfers of international faculty, pedagogical knowledge, as well as exchange of student learning activities. Our collaborative programs enable the brightest business minds of tomorrow to easily start their studies today. And the ability to receive an internationally accredited degree means our students can immediately stand apart.


Learning Outcomes

General Learning Outcomes - skills that allow for professional and personal growth outside of a formal educational setting. The Bachelor program will:

· provide students with a broad range of managerial capabilities, the capacity for critical thinking, communication and problem_solving skills, legal and ethical behaviour; 

· prepare graduates for diverse careers in global management, administration and entrepreneurship through a well_rounded business education with a focus on global business operations, emerging _markets and technology_enabled organizations; and  · expose students to both general and specialized curriculum content through core courses, specializations and electives _ students are encouraged to select their electives from the Social Sciences and Humanities. 

Interpersonal Competence - the knowledge, skills and attributes required to effectively manage oneself and relationships with others within organizations. Upon completion of the program, the individual should: 

· have self-knowledge and the ability to apply this knowledge to enhance effectiveness;  

· understand and apply communication models and effective communication skills, at the individual and group levels;  

· understand and apply leadership skills at the individual and group levels;  

· understand and apply team_based knowledge and skills;  

· understand and apply conflict management and negotiation skills required to achieve individual and institutional objectives. 

Global Perspective - the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to live and work in a diverse world. Upon completion of the program, an individual should possess: 

· the ability to identify, analyze and recommend appropriate actions given international influences, issues, and situations at the industry, business and individual levels; 

· an understanding of multicultural business environments, protocols, ethics and management practices required within the global context; 

· understanding of cultural knowledge including cultural self-knowledge; and

· ability to apply the skills of critical thinking, conflict resolution, teamwork, leadership and cross cultural communication (verbal and nonverbal). 

Critical Thinking and Analytical Competence - the knowledge, skills, and attributes required to conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, evaluate information from a variety of sources, and form substantive recommendations. Upon completion of the program, the individual should possess: · the capacity to analyze, evaluate and interpret data;  

· the ability to select and/or develop appropriate decision making models and generate outcome scenarios; 

· the skills to apply both rational and creative problem solving techniques at the individual and group levels; 

· the ability to find, gather and source pertinent data, including the ability to discriminate between and select from various sources using the criteria of authority, currency, and fitness for purpose; 

· the ability to recognize and appreciate arguments and logic as flawed or sound; 

· the ability to create viable recommendations based on the analyses, and devise practical implementation strategies; 

· the capacity to identify the worth of one’s own experience.


Specializations (Concentrations)

· Generic Business Administration

· Service Management

· Banking and Financial Management

· Clean Technology Management

· Cyber Security Management

· Commodity Trading

· International Sports Management

· International Taxation

Program Specifications

· Program duration: 3 years

· Language of study: English

· Available campus(es): Pays de Gex (St Genis Pouilly)

· Intakes: January, April, September

· Evaluation: Continuous control of outcomes with exams, essays, and company projects

· Choice of exchange studies: Available

· Scholarships: Available (please contact us for more information)

Entry requirements

Applicants must submit the following material to register for admission:

· A completed and signed Application Form (English or French version)

· A completed and signed Curriculum Vitae

· Proof of Highschool completion (official Certificate/Attestation and transcripts)

· English Proficiency Requirement: IELTS (minimum 6.0)

· Two Passport Size Photographs

· A copy of the Applicant’s Passport

· Motivation or Cover letter

For International student procedures, please CLICK HERE

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